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Is this your first time here?

We're glad you are here. The School of World Mission is an advanced track among various missions and leadership trainings offered by EAPTC International. EAPTC is in partnership with healthy and sound organizations like the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Korea), Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (Kenya), DCI Global Partnership (UK), Bible Training Center for Pastors (USA), and Missio Nexus (USA) among others. If you'd like to know more about the ministry of EAPTC International, please visit us  here.

If you haven’t done so, we recommend that you’d first take the School of Mission track and subsequently the Missionary Candidate Training track before considering taking this SWM track. Those two training tracks are available online 24/7 in multiple world languages and are offered to you FREE through the UK-based DCI Global Partnerships. You're welcome to take these online courses on your own. Or if you wish to join the cohorts and study together with other students under a regional EAPTC mentor, please contact our national head offices nearest you. You might also want to browse our  Teaching Resources for Christian Leaders page where you can find hundreds of helpful ministry resources in various languages.

Our faculty comes from a global team of veteran EAPTC pastors and missionaries with a proven ministry fruit and qualified educational background. Here is a sample session from the SWM World Missions course. More exciting courses that are helpful to your ministry are on the way and are to be newly added.

If you would like to take a course in SWM, you need to register an account with us. Please be sure to clear first with your financial plan below and afterward fill out the registration form. We'll be happy to guide you to get started with your courses. If you want the training in Korean, please click here. For any questions, contact us here anytime.

Available courses

This course examines the biblical concepts, cultural issues, and practical methodologies of the world mission.

This course examines the cross-cultural, geographical, historical, and missiological expansion of the global church. The course elaborates on personalities, events, strategies, movements, and trends that have shaped the church and its growth (and demise) over the centuries.

The course examines the need to incarnate homogenization for mission both in theory and practice. Principles and effects of missionary incarnation and cultural adaptation are elaborated and emphasized in this course.

This course elaborates the biblical understanding, basic knowledge, and practical approaches of children ministry and women ministry on the mission field.

This course is designed to equip a pastor's wife to minister effectively and beautifully alongside her husband in life and ministry.