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Is this your first time here?

We're delighted that you are here. The EAPTC Academy offers trainings in discipleship, missions, and leadership. The academy is formally linked to the Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training/Commission. If you'd like to know more about the ministry of EAPTC International, please visit hereThe main avenue through which we collaborate with churches and empower disciple-makers is via the EAPTC Academy. The atmosphere is outward-looking to cross-cultural missions and the nations, and the expectancy is that many trainees will go and disciple others elsewhere, form a support group around it, or at the very least return to their home churches as better equipped men and women to serve with the pastor.

For comprehensive training outcomes, we recommend joining the cohorts and studying together with other trainees alongside a certified regional EAPTC instructor. This experience will maximize the depth and meaning of your discipleship and missions training. If you already have a group of people in mind you wish to study with, please send us an email with your request details to arrange for the earliest training sessions possible. The course typically lasts for 9 months, during which the Academy guides students through practical, hands-on training to make disciples in their homes, churches, and communities, equipping them to engage in the Great Commission. Our faculty comprises a global team of seasoned Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries with a proven ministry track record and qualified educational background. If you are outside of the United States, please see a list of our regional offices and contact the one nearest you. If you prefer training in Korean, please clichere.

To enroll in a course at EAPTC Academy, please complete the registration form below. We'll be delighted to assist you in getting started with your courses in the next available cohort. Join thousands of alumni around the world who are making profound impacts in their families, businesses, churches, and communities with the empowering influence of Christ. For any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. If you prefer independent study and would like to enroll in some of the virtual courses that we're planning to offer in the future, you're also welcome to do so. Please use the search box at the bottom to see upcoming courses.